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“A nation is judged by how well it treats its veterans.” - George Washington

Published by the CLMP, the Journal of Law, Policy & Military Affairs (JLPMA) is an online-only law journal that addresses the legal and policy issues facing service members and veterans. The only independent academic platform for military-related scholarship, the JLPMA's objective, unbiased articles are grounded in reflection, thoughtfulness, and reform.

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JLPMA Editorial Board Applications

Editor positions on the JLPMA are currently available. While many of our editors are law students or attorneys, the JLPMA does not limit our editor positions to those that fit within the aforementioned categories.  We encourage applications from a diverse range of educational and work backgrounds.  The main factors we consider when evaluating applications are (1) writing ability; (2) dedication to, and respect for, the sacrifices of our service members and veterans; and (3) experience editing other's work.  

To apply, please send: (1)  a  resume, and (2) a cover letter explaining your interest in the JLPMA to

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