a comprehensive legal analysis of the feres doctrinE

Dr. Dwight Stirling offers a vision for change

Dwight Stirling is the founder and chief executive officer of the Center for Law and Military Policy, a think tank dedicated to restoring and strengthening the legal protections of those who serve our nation in uniform. Stirling is also a reserve JAG officer in the California National Guard and co-founder of Veterans Legal Institute.

An adjunct professor of law at the USC School of Law, Stirling is emerging as the foremost expert on the Feres Doctrine. He will soon become the only legal scholar in America with a doctorate focusing on Feres, writing a dissertation entitled “The Feres Doctrine, A Comprehensive Legal Analysis.” His article “The Feres Doctrine and Accountability” was recently published by the Journal of Law, Policy, and Military Affairs. 

Stirling and Dallis Warshaw, the CLMP Vice President of Policy, have written articles for the American Bar Association and the Orange County Register on Feres and military policy issues. 

Stirling was an active duty JAG officer from 2007 to 2014. He was the California National Guard’s senior prosecutor for many years and has tried more state courts-martial than any JAG officer in California’s history. Stirling’s commitment to the country and its service members began in December of 2001, when he joined the Army National Guard shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11. He was commissioned from California’s reserve Officer Candidate School as an Armor officer in 2004, becoming a JAG officer the following year to utilize his law degree. 

In 2009, Stirling was deployed to the Balkans with the Kosovo Force (KFOR), a NATO-led international peacekeeping force responsible for preventing recurrences of ethnic cleansing in the volatile southern region of Serbia. He served as chief of military justice on the mission, working under Major General (Retired) Keith D. Jones.

In addition to teaching at USC, Stirling is also a criminal justice professor at Columbia College of Missouri’s Los Alamitos campus. He has received numerous military awards, including the Meritorious Service Medal and the Army Commendation Medal with two oak leaf clusters. He was recognized in 2016 as Orange County’s “most influential” for his co-founding of the Veterans Legal Institute, a legal-aid organization offering pro-bono legal services to veterans and service members.

Stirling holds a BA degree in Philosophy from Pomona College, an MA degree in Education from Whittier College, and a JD from USC Gould. He is currently working on an EdD at Pepperdine University. He got his start in law at Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell, LLP’s Century City offices and in his first career, he taught literature and language arts at the middle school level. Email Dwight at

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He Fights for their rights

Dwight Stirling, Founder & CEO, Center for Law and Military Policy.

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