CEO Dwight Stirling Quoted by NBC News

Widower Takes Ban on Military Injury Lawsuits to Supreme Court

On October 12, 2018, Dwight Stirling was quoted by NBC News about the application of the Feres Doctrine to a lawsuit filed by the widower of a service member who died after childbirth. “The Feres doctrine does not divide the court members on your standard ideological grounds,” he said. “It tends to scramble the typical calculus.”

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Press Release - September 6, 2018 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

New Think Tank to Strengthen Legal Protections for Service Members and Veterans

Huntington Beach, California – In a positive move for current and former service members, a new California-based think tank has been launched, the Center for Law and Military Policy (CLMP). Led by Dwight Stirling, a USC law professor and reserve JAG officer, the CLMP aims to improve life for the nation’s protectors by fixing the deep-seated problems that lead all too often to homelessness, unemployment, and suicide. 

“It’s not enough to help service members and veterans with their individual legal problems,” Stirling said, who co-founded and led the Veterans Legal Institute for many years. “What is needed now is structural change, improvements to the systemic problems that continue to plague those serving our nation in uniform.”

Fixing the “systemic problems” is at the heart of the CLMP’s mission. 

“It’s remarkable how few protections are in place for rank and file service members,” observed Dallis Warshaw, the CLMP’s Vice President for Policy. “While these men and women risk their lives to keep America free, their own rights are often ignored or disregarded altogether.”

The CLMP conducts conferences and other educational events, including a symposium on military sexual trauma to be held on October 12 at Chapman Law School. The CLMP also publishes the Journal of Law, Policy & Military Affairs, a scholarly journal, and produces a podcast about the civil-military gap called “A World Apart.” 

“Serving in uniform should not make a person a second-class citizen,” said Colonel (R) Carl David, a CLMP board member and Director of Columbia College of Missouri’s Los Alamitos campus. “Ensuring service members are protected is a moral duty of all Americans and I’m honored to be a part of this remarkable new organization.” 

Along with Stirling, Warshaw, and David, the CLMP’s Board of Directors includes Colonel (R) Bob McFetridge, SSgt (R) Jen Burch, Charlotte Clymer, Lieutenant Colonel (R) John Wallace, Grant Frazier, Colonel Mike Cardoza, Laura Riley, Admiral (R) Steve Briggs, and Captain (R) Allison Jaslow.